Phil’s email that made me put this Blog together

I have listened to the video by Mr. John Hemming MP.  One of his sentences states”tolerated the amount of malpractice that goes on in Care proceedings in England and Wales“.

NOBODY contradicts those words.

What I am leading up to WHEN you read the following letter.

I gave all the details even that the Court Files do not exist.  SEE in the following Email how EASILY those in POWER can dismiss a genuine and FACTUAL Case.

NOTE how my ADDRESS begins.

Old Phil

19 thoughts on “Phil’s email that made me put this Blog together

  1. FIRST of ALL. I wish to THANK SABINE for making this website for me. Sabine please accept the RESPECT of my entire FAMILY.

  2. So in the hope of starting a discussion can anyone answer me this question.
    If a JUDGE in WRITING tells me that the Court Files of my case DO NOT EXIST, HOW is my Family paying such a heavy penalty of having three children adopted?. There is NO JUDGEMENT. YET the children were taken.
    Opinions please.

  3. I wish to encourage some interest. I would love to NAME the Judge who KNEW of a GRAVE MISCARRIAGE of JUSTICE and yet did NOTHING.

    1. I know of victims who have made WANTED posters of corrupt judges. There is a site for ‘solicitors from hell’ and for ‘bent judges’ but in Scotland.

      Maybe it has to be either a Judicial Review or an Appeal before the Supreme Court, Phil?

  4. Sabine. WHAT I NOW WANT is to tell the ENTIRE REPORT of what was done to my Family by Walsall Social Services. From the BEGINNING. To be continued.

      1. Plaster the internet with messages if at least one of them is old enough to look at facebook ,twitter, etc.Otherwise bribe some social worker to let you know where they are!

  5. Yet another sick story of wrongful removal. What is latest can these children be found?! Why is this allowed ever at all prayers to us all trapped in sick system

  6. C Summers. Thank you. Please click on Fob-offs and excuses to see PROOF of how much those in Power CARE.

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