YOUR HONOUR, where are the missing O’Gorman files?

HH H. Hughes
Designated Family Judge.

08 December 2013

The MISSING FILES. O’Gorman Children

Your Honour,

In your letter to us dated 13 November 2008 and in your second paragraph you state that the file of the Proceedings on the 9th May 2006 and referring to the above children is MISSING.

An informant tells me that you were the last person to see these files. Would you care to comment as to what became of them when they left your hands or if you indeed saw them.

In your judicial mercy could you also explain to us as the Designated Family Judge the following question?

If there are no records of our SUPPOSED crime, why are we paying so heavy a price of the judgement administered under your jurisdiction (which does not exist)? With the deepest respect Your Honour, we once again wish to show you the Threshold Criteria that placed the children at risk of significant harm.

The words “risk of significant harm in that they have” are used seven times.

We have removed them to enlighten you and start with a BLATANT LIE. Children, only one was at school,

i) Failed to attend school regularly.

ii) failed to attend for health appointments

iii) failed to co-operate with Social Services

iv) Seen to be dirty and unkempt.


The triumph of Social services should be broadcast through the land. We UNJUSTLY caused three children to be adopted. Give us the money.

The people who used these charges should be brought to book.

i) This is absolutely true. The father was alone with the three infants and sometimes when one of the younger ones was ill he kept the eldest at home. Charged by the Social Worker the case was dismissed by ALDRIDGE Magistrates Court with no provisos. The Social Worker wept with rage and remonstrated with the father outside the court.

ii) Another blatant LIE medical records can prove this. How did this Social Worker gets to see the children’s files. (Would you like to know the Medical examination of the children by this man and the method he used to take them from their father.

iii) If the father did not co-operate with Social Services how were they able to write anything about him.

iv) We plead guilty to this charge. Our Family played in fields, parks and in the back garden, I recall a few times when ice cream was all around the mouths of the children and their clothes were covered in grass stains.

So Your Honour, you have now listened to the plea of humanity.

Make enquiries, did the Social Worker go to a family member and sign documents giving the children back into our Families care. He did. Ask which Social Worker stopped this and with what reason.

Ask the person from CAFCASS how long he talked with the father in my house and then make his INHUMAN REPORT which we had no knowledge of. There is a lot more Your Honour and we will be heard.

For your own conscience sake ask Walsall Social Services if they EVER carried out ANY of the laid down procedures in dealing with their VICTIMS. HELP, ADVICE even ADMONITIONS. NO Your Honour ALL was done in SECRET.


Your Honour, my decency has caused me to leave from writing this letter for a time to compose myself. I say this because our entire Family has never broken the law and always lived clean and decent lives. There are no charges of any kind against any member of our family. What I am trying to express is that all that was written by Social Services was supposition by people whose reports we were never able to see.

WE trust that you have read the entire letter and hope for a prompt reply.

Our Family have discussed this letter, there are no unjust questions and none that a Fair and Just Society could not answer(First tenet of the Home Office) or you Your Honour of course using your position with all the integrity of your position and with which you have used to Pontificate in your headlong career.

WE will enclose a letter to the magistrates stating some of the points that they should have been aware of.

I remain with due respect to Your HONOUR with all your integrity and knowledge of the frailties of those who seek to justify their position in the acquisition of children for their own aggrandisement (which Social Worker stopped this).

Your Honour, it is within your power to call for a JUDICIAL REVIEW.

I the head of this FAMILY and my wife, my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren now put upon your conscience some of the details that were thrust upon us by self seeking people with no regard for decency, who used the STATE to fund their spurious accusations.


DECENCY appeals to you.

I KNOW Your Honour that I have breached certain Etiquettes, but did the people who did this foul deed even consider the feelings of the family. Lawyers who knew what they were doing, false witness and a closed Judicial System in collusion with social services combined to take three innocent children from a LOVING FATHER and FAMILY. This CALUMNY will not go away and people will answer. I trust Your Honour that you go like someone of old on the road to Damascus, open your eyes and see what has been done. I pray that you will use the powers that you have.

If you have any difficulty answering the contents of the entire letter just answer paragraphs 2 and 4 for now.

With the deepest of respect,

Mr. P. Thompson and FAMILY.


3 thoughts on “YOUR HONOUR, where are the missing O’Gorman files?

  1. I had (one of) the same Judge, HH Judge Hughes, circuit judge

    Your letter is creepy, if you have no respect for them then why state it? I most definitely do not, and will never state it.

    These Judges have done wrong to me and my two beautiful boys, I will never respect them. And, I will make sure they know of this.

    I would take the direct approach and there will be no politeness or helplessness – as these are the ones who have made us helpless

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