This site is about:

  1. The crimes by Walsall Council;
  2. The efforts by one great-grandfather;
  3. This summary as one of our portfolio of nine cases presented to the Education Committee when it investigated child protection.

The Thompson Family: great-grandparents whose three great-grandchildren were taken
by Walsall Council for they were supposedly at “risk of significant harm”

 1.       Nature of the Case / Background

The Thompson Family[1] is an example of “threshold criteria” being used wholly inappropriately – to abduct three children. Without any substantiation or evidence, the Council claims that this ‘risk of significant harm’ is due to

  • failing to attend school regularly
  • failing to have attended health appointments
  • their father has failed to co-operate with Social Services
  • the children have been seen to be dirty and unkempt.
  • The behaviour of Walsall Social Services does not differ from other councils where victims of child snatching have suffered cruelty and injustice for the sake of cashing in on foster money (on average £400 / week per child). Social Services do NOT have the interest of children at heart and are wholly ineffective when dealing with complaints of negligence that are voiced during supervised contact.

2.       Submissions of Fact

When his wife stopped medication from a condition prior to the marriage, the grandson left his home to live with his mother nearby. Due to the mother’s condition, Social Services brought the children to that home of father and grandmother, where they thrived for eighteen months. When the eldest child was eligible for school, the father was prosecuted by Aldridge Magistrates Court and fined for his daughter not attending school regularly. Within the same month, Social Worker Garnet Gray instigated another charge against the father and told him to attend Dudley Court. However, at Dudley Court, he was told that he was in the wrong court. At the other court in Dudley, he was told there was no case in his name. It appears as if the court made decisions in the father’s absence, without any legal representation. Meanwhile, the court files have “gone missing”. When wanting to pick up his daughter from the Principal’s office, his daughter was screaming behind closed doors for two hours, before she was handed back. Together with his other children they go to play in the park opposite the home. Later that evening, Garnet Grey and two women snatched the children from their father’s arms and nothing has been heard from them since.

3.       Points of Law and Procedure

The grandfather and great-grandfather Phil Thompson keep challenging Walsall Council to take him to court for this accumulation of abuse of process and power – to hit adoption targets and raise OFSTED ratings? In the children’s best interest??? Applying the right “levels of threshold”? Because one child was supposedly not regularly at school, all three are not just taken into ‘care’ but irreversibly adopted without parental consent???

4.       Summary

As John Hemming MP says in his 2-hour interview with Edge Media TV: there are no checks and balances on what Social Services are doing. Furthermore,

  • Schools, court staff and lawyers are colluding with Social Services
  • Judges sanction what Social Services are doing
  • Prisons enforce even more Draconian conditions, e.g. by treating parents on remand as if they were criminals.

48 thoughts on “About

  1. This is happening all over the uk today. This case is not unusual it is the usual. Sw lie and perjure themselves to steal children for profit. All those who speak against the parents are in the employ of the LA……….sw , teachers etc. This is a travesty of justice for these children and their families. The children are left with life long problems and are abused in so called “care”. Sexual abuse is not in the Saville past but prevelant today. Time something was done about trafficking children in the uk today for profit.

  2. If this is the “usual” people, what do you, we all suggest t o do about it to put this right and stp it from happening again????

    1. Ian Josephs who has a law degree from Oxford and who has been helping up to 10 people a day says: exposure, exposure, exposure.

      That’s what I’m doing as best as I can and that’s what I’m encouraging others to do.

      Social media are our only chance. For Child Snatching is one of the Seven Deadly Syndromes and Media Cover-Ups: http://victims-unite.net/2012/11/04/child-snatching-as-one-of-seven-deadly-syndromes-and-seven-media-cover-ups/

      In harsher terms: Welcome to filthy Britain: http://thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com/

  3. I Thank all of you for commenting. My first and foremost “gripe” is that there is no ACCOUNTABILITY by anyone within the Childrens social services. Please note the case of Sharon Shoesmith, she was made accountable BUT is now COUNTING her REWARD for being the fall guy. Sixhundred thousand Pounds. I wonder if she gets her pension as well.

  4. Further thinking in the manner of many Journalists. COULD it be that the payment to this FAILED Leader is a PLOY to allow ANY future cases that are brought against anybody employed by the SS to do the same thing. This gives them LICENCE to continue to carry out the many FALSE actions against innocent Families.

  5. AGAIN. If (PREFERABLY) anybody from Walsall MBC sees this BLOG would they DARE to answer ANY of the accusations that I make against the NAMED persons in my COMMENTS below the Video that was made spontaneously on that day. To anyone who is unaware, Please look in The Grandfather see how I describe the CORRUPTION that was used by Walsall MBC to have three blonde blue eyed infants adopted. Walsall MBC KNOW of my Posts against them.

  6. Just to further inform anybody who looks into this BLOG. I had assumed that TWO LIARS had been terminated from their employ from the then FAILED Walsall Council regarding Looked after Children.
    Not so. Angela Hudson and Ann Hughes are STILL in the business of having children ADOPTED at THEIR DISCRETION.
    Confront me.

  7. I hope that The PRIME MINISTER and his entire Cabinet see the Video from Mr. G. Harrison. I considered the STATE to be the DECENCY under which my Family lived. I also hope that the people from Walsall SS see this Video.
    People in POWER need to COME CLEAN and acknowledge that WRONGS were committed against Families by Social Services.

  8. Give me JUSTICE AGAINST the CORRUPTION that was used by Walsall SS with the KNOWLEDGE of the ENTIRE MEMBERS of WALSALL COUNCIL to who I had appealed by the INTERNAL POST System INCLUDING the Lord Mayor to have three INFANTS ADOPTED. NONE of YOU REPLIED. PROOF of the ENDEMIC CORRUPTION within WALSALL MBC.

  9. The LATEST reply while seeking Justice from a Very TOP Person and written by the secretary. Please know that there is nobody else above him in this position.
    “and that the same limitations apply to the current ////////// REMIT”.
    How easily I was dismissed.
    Another letter from that office ends.
    Any further letters you send to this office on this matter will not be responded to.
    My REPLY. Who then is ACCOUNTABLE for what has been done to my FAMILY by a corrupt Childrens Social Service.

  10. This is the PERJUROR whose VILE LIES caused the adoption of the three infants. This THINGS name is Garnet Benford Grey. His employment with Walsall SS was shortly after TERMINATED. WHY ?.
    Photo: This is the PERJUROR whose VILE LIES caused the adoption of the three infants. This THINGS name is Garnet Benford Grey. His employment with Walsall SS was shortly after TERMINATED. WHY ?.

  11. I THINK that many of the HITS are from those who seek to get something on me. I am BURNISHED in the POWER of TRUTH. WALSALL COUNCIL and your social service in your action against MY FAMILY. LIARS that you are. Confront me the following Names.
    Garnet Benford Grey, Ann Hughes, Angela Hudson, Paul Cooper,
    Just a few names for now. . .

  12. I notice that there are 567 HITS. Will any of these GOOD PEOPLE care to REASON why Walsall Social Services do not respond to such grave accusations ?. I have named just a few of the CULPRITS.

      1. Somebody needs to be taken to court like the likes of Mike Bird and get them to answer for their actions.

    1. Generally, people are VERY intimidate and frightened.

      Phil is unusual!!!

      I have recently heard of one class action and will certainly keep it in mind. The challenge is that we have to do it as Litigants in Person / McKenzie Friends, because there won’t be any trustworthy lawyer.

      Worse, which judge is likely to rule in our favour???

  13. Surely the parents who have lost their children should come forward if they want something done and not leave it entirely to Phil?

      1. I agree that we can’t tell them what to do but have we asked them to step up? It’s all about numbers. If you don’t have them……you know where I am going with this one.

  14. I THANK those who have taken the time to READ and make Comments on this Website.
    I would like to inform you that a previous Video was made spontaneously outside a Party Conference. Google:– Walsall ss-forced adoption
    I shall now in conjunction with that Video post my comments HERE.
    On that Site I have mentioned an IDIOT Magistrate who made its Mark of acceptance of a Judgement. MY VERDICT on Mrs. RAWLEY. YOU BUFFOON. May you be made ANSWERABLE for your decision in YOUR COMFORTABLE COURT. CONFRONT ME.
    I shall NAME the other IDIOT magistrates shortly with the same SCORN.
    SHAME on YOU.

  15. Ok folks, Phil is my uncle and I have the greatest respect for the most honest hard working person I know. If he has found a flaw in the system and exposed the dishonesty going on….I would believe him. He is not just hot air. If he called someone a liar, hell he is a liar.

    Burocracy is hiding because they have every reason to. Phil is calling it like it is and they hate jail time. Close up people because Phil is exposing your game wide open.

  16. Come people who have been raped by people so called in charge. Stand up for your children and be counted. Make the profiteers pay.

  17. In the HOPE that somebody sees this post I shall shortly produce ALL the communication between myself and Wolverhampton Combined Court. YOU. YES YOU Ms HERBERT. Unfeeling creature. YOU over the counter TOLD MY GRANDSON and myself the following words. “Why are you bothering. The children have been adopted. WHEN I PROTESTED. Ms HERBERT excused herself and returned shortly with a letter stating that the children had been ADOPTED. MORE about this CORRUPT WOLVERHAMPTON COMBINED COURT to COME.

  18. To the persons who care to read this Site. PLEASE keep watching. I will as time goes by show the CORRUPTION and NAME the CREATURES who took part in this INFAMY.
    Please NOTE that GARNET BENFORD GREY the PERJURER has not taken me to Court neither have his EX Employers Walsall MBC. Post tomorrow perhaps about the JUDGE.

    1. phil my babies are in alot of danger but do they fuckin care no and i had a argument with angela hudson and i told her what a bitch she is and they have stopped me seeing my babies for 7 days again

  19. I pray that the MEMBERS of PARLIAMENT see the PLEAS of all these Families. They have been brought to this DESPAIR by the CORRUPTION of a VILE Childrens Social Services SYSTEM

  20. To anybody who has looked on this website. Can any of you explain WHY Walsall Council does not reply to my Posts.
    I state categorically that the ENTIRE Walsall Council COLLUDED with its Social workers to cause by PERJURY the ADOPTION of TIA OGorman, Taylor and Philip Ogorman.
    EVEN TO THIS DAY. WALSALL COUNCIL remains SILENT in its SHAME for what it allowed. SOME of the people have been SACKED. BUT there those who were involved in this CRIME still in the employ of Walsall MBC. WHO from Walsall MBC will challenge me. ANN HUGHES, ANGELA HUDSON, GARNET BENFORD GREY. I also recall those other persons who sat in a small room in a stinking building, demolished since then. EVIL BEASTS. I Know that some of you did not agree with what the three major players were doing in that room. NAMELY.. The Chairperson Angela Hudson, Ann Hughes and Garnet Benford Grey.
    I IMPLORE ANY of you SCUM to say that anything that I have said against EACH of you is FALSE. . I write now to the LORD MAYOR of Walsall. Sir, will you have the DECENCY to reply to me.

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