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RIP, dear Phil Thompson! You’ll be remembered for your fighting spirit and dedication!

What else can we say but GOOD BYE to your Facebook page.

What else can we feel but sadness.

What else can we do but send condolences to his family…

Maybe he’ll help us to become more effective from wherever he is?

John Hemming MP writes:

Sad news about Phil condolences to his family. Phil was an effective campaigner on the corruption in the courts.


ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, please ensure ETHICS and JUSTICE in MY COUNCIL! makes it easy to contact your elected representatives.

I wrote to Phil’s County Councillors:

Dear Mike Sharpe, Lynda Clinton and Mick Brown,

With a view to your re-election, this is to ask for your support, on behalf of your constituent Phil Thompson.

His 3 greatgrandchildren were unlawfully snatched by Walsall Council and subsequently adopted without appropriate paper work.

Phil was part of the UK Delegation who went to Brussels where I presented the petition “Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent”. Continue reading ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, please ensure ETHICS and JUSTICE in MY COUNCIL!

PHIL THOMPSON on Portuguese TV – our hope for breakthroughs thanks to FOREIGN mainstream media coverage

14 09 19 Jose and CarlaOnly 3.33 minutes – but distinctly the most salient ones:

  • an interview with Carla and Jose Pedro whose 5 children were taken by Lincoln County Council, with the 2 youngest ones ‘ordered’ to be adopted; the consent of the parents can be dispensed with ‘in the interest of the children’;
  • views of the Committee room where the public gallery was full and the petitioners between elected MEPs and members of the permanent EU Commission;
  • an interview with Phil after he and Jose were sent to the British Consulate, since the Embassy didn’t want to receive our dossier. 

Happy viewing on and leave a comment to suggest how to take things further!

Meanwhile check the latest news about the Portuguese Pedros who have been arrested for supposedly abducting their ‘4’ children. I wonder who couldn’t count to 5!…


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PACKAGING Un-Believable Facts about Child ‘Care’ and Forced Adoptions for MEPs and PRESS in Brussels

13 04 16 To DPO Walsall

Packaging un-believable facts about child snatching and forced adoptions includes, in Phil’s case, the fact that Walsall Council DARED to cash the cheque for the Data Subject Access Request, but never provided any information! 

So, they KNOW that they can be above and beyond the law, for they have made 13 04 18 DPO Receipttheir deals with their colleagues in the judiciary, as Mrs Justice Pauffley condemned recently

However, for the Petitions Committee in Brussels, I had to put the most shocking power points together for the five minutes I have.

And for the UK Embassy in Brussels, I put 37 pages together as our ‘mission statement’: Continue reading PACKAGING Un-Believable Facts about Child ‘Care’ and Forced Adoptions for MEPs and PRESS in Brussels

EMAIL to Walsall Council Leader Mike Bird re misconduct in public office

Dear Mr Bird

This is to put you on notice regarding the criminal performance of your so called child ‘protection’ services. As Council Leader you are responsible to ensure that they deliver what they aspire to, but they are clearly incompetent.

We have exposed the unlawful adoption of the great grandchildren of Mr Thompson on

We learned of the removal of Ms Wakeman’s children which she exposes on

Now we have been alerted by a Polish mother to the unlawful behaviour of Social Worker Smera Hussain. I attach the letter that asks for her replacement.

The Secretary of State Ed Timpson MP made it clear to us in two letters: the law is clear – and the Government wants to see families being supported to stay together.

Your child protection department is clearly NOT following the Rule of Law.

Thanks to John Hemming MP, we have a petition before the House of Commons: Children Placed in Foster Care.

This is therefore to ask you to return the stolen children asap, the latest Back for Christmas – while court hearings illustrate how the UK’s child protection system is an international scandal.

Continue reading EMAIL to Walsall Council Leader Mike Bird re misconduct in public office

Phil’s email that made me put this Blog together

I have listened to the video by Mr. John Hemming MP.  One of his sentences states”tolerated the amount of malpractice that goes on in Care proceedings in England and Wales“.

NOBODY contradicts those words.

What I am leading up to WHEN you read the following letter.

I gave all the details even that the Court Files do not exist.  SEE in the following Email how EASILY those in POWER can dismiss a genuine and FACTUAL Case.

NOTE how my ADDRESS begins.

Old Phil