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FACT FINDING MISSION to UK and Public Hearing confirmed in Minutes of Petitions Committee

Remember that the first country to get two boys back from care and prevent their adoption was Slovakia. Their TV station has just produced an update – and a supporter produced English subtitles – as can be seen below.

Portuguese, Latvian and BBC clips are on this blog post.

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PHIL THOMPSON on Portuguese TV – our hope for breakthroughs thanks to FOREIGN mainstream media coverage

14 09 19 Jose and CarlaOnly 3.33 minutes – but distinctly the most salient ones:

  • an interview with Carla and Jose Pedro whose 5 children were taken by Lincoln County Council, with the 2 youngest ones ‘ordered’ to be adopted; the consent of the parents can be dispensed with ‘in the interest of the children’;
  • views of the Committee room where the public gallery was full and the petitioners between elected MEPs and members of the permanent EU Commission;
  • an interview with Phil after he and Jose were sent to the British Consulate, since the Embassy didn’t want to receive our dossier. 

Happy viewing on and leave a comment to suggest how to take things further!

Meanwhile check the latest news about the Portuguese Pedros who have been arrested for supposedly abducting their ‘4’ children. I wonder who couldn’t count to 5!…


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UK COPS bungle sex ring probe – no investigation for 18 months for #paedobritain leads to #childsnatchuk

It’s all ‘culture’ for centuries: see ‘perfidious Albion’ on Wikipedia. Also known as ‘stiff upper’ lip or ‘institutionalised hypocrisy’ – derived from public school teachers, methinks, who teach boys who are hurting and crying over having had to leave their families for boarding schools… Let’s see whether we can get:

Victims Unite!

13 11 17 UK Cops bungle sex ring probeThis article in The Sun on Saturday 16th November 2013 refers to Project Spade that the Daily Mail had reported as 76 Americans busted in massive global child porn ring including police officers, teachers and doctors as nearly 400 children are rescued

The Sun points out that the UK had not plaid ball: neither Police nor the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) or the National Crime Agency that took over. The agency’s Phil Gormley now wants to be a ‘good boy’…

Here’s how The Mirror reports: Police probe as HUNDREDS of suspected paedophiles still free – 18 months after being named

The Toronto Star: Child porn bust: How police worldwide worked together to bring down a child porn ring – mentioning two British nationals with ‘hands-on abuse’.

And here’s how Phil Thompson comments. His 3 greatgrandchildren were stolen by Walsall Council and adopted without court judgement. He…

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