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PORTUGUESE COUPLE loses care of their children after 11 years in the UK – 3.33 mins of Portuguese TV in Brussels

Phil is being interviewed here by Portuguese TV, as he tries to deliver a Dossier of Evidence to the UK Embassy and the British Consulate.

The Pedro Family: five children snatched by Lincoln County Council - without paper work

14 09 19 Jose and Carla “A Portuguese couple who have lived in England for 11 years accuses British Social Services of having taken unjustly their five children, of whom two are put up for adoption. The case resulted in a petition to the EU Parliament which joins two dozen complaints by families of various nationalities.”

You may not understand Portuguese, but in these 3.33 minutes you will see the room in which we met the Petitions Committee and members of the EU Commission to present our petitions. Subsequently we visited the UK Embassy and British Consulate:

  • Latvian Laila Brice and her daughter regarding Merton Council who took her little girl 4 years ago
  • Lithuanian Ale Ambrasaite whose daughter was taken by Kingston-upon-Thames because she had an alcohol problem; but contrary to their promise, once the problem was solved, the daughter was not returned.
  • The collective problem of Forced Adoptions and the systemic nature of child snatching…

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BRACING for BRUSSELS: individual petitioners and 3 mins on behalf of 1000s of children screaming to be heard

Phil is part of our UK Delegation in Brussels next week on 19 March!

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

Children screaming to be heard says it all.

Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent is on top of the list of our requests – with over 3,000 signatures by now!

Room P4B001 in the Paul Henri Spaak Building will be the ‘shrine’ for our ‘pilgrimage’.

EP TV is the link where you can watch the debate about Pan-EU Child protection cases framed in the light of the Charter on Fundamental Rights:

  • Latvian Laila Brice got the ball rolling in Brussels thanks to Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka MEP
  • Laila’s daughter, a German, Lithuanian and a British parent are the other individual petitioners from the UK
  • I am given three minutes to convey the ‘shock therapy’ that I have experienced during the last three years and these are the ‘shock points‘ that I’ve gathered so far.

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YOUR HONOUR, where are the missing O’Gorman files?

HH H. Hughes
Designated Family Judge.

08 December 2013

The MISSING FILES. O’Gorman Children

Your Honour,

In your letter to us dated 13 November 2008 and in your second paragraph you state that the file of the Proceedings on the 9th May 2006 and referring to the above children is MISSING.

An informant tells me that you were the last person to see these files. Would you care to comment as to what became of them when they left your hands or if you indeed saw them.

In your judicial mercy could you also explain to us as the Designated Family Judge the following question?

If there are no records of our SUPPOSED crime, why are we paying so heavy a price of the judgement administered under your jurisdiction (which does not exist)? With the deepest respect Your Honour, we once again wish to show you the Threshold Criteria that placed the children at risk of significant harm. Continue reading YOUR HONOUR, where are the missing O’Gorman files?