Fob-Offs & Excuses

12 11 01 HMCTS 12 10 29 Attorney Generals OfficeComplaint procedures are like firewalls: they are MEANT to

  • fob you off
  • send you from pillar to post
  • keep you busy and ensure that you don’t get anywhere, while avoiding responsibility at all cost…

This is how civil servants can hide behind their institutions. Here are some examples:

12 10 12 Ofsted p2

12 10 12 Ofsted p1

10 10 22 HMCS

13 01 04 HMCTS Complaints

12 11 01 HMCTS


10 thoughts on “Fob-Offs & Excuses

  1. phil your day is coming for you to be reunited with your grand children and its a day well deserved for you and your family mate

  2. Mr. P. Cooper
    Mr. P. Thompson
    The Ivory Tower 9 Bletchley Road
    B24 0PX
    Thursday, 17 June 2010 .

    Subject — The unseemly delay in answering querys from a LEGAL SOURCE

    DEAR Mr. Cooper,
    As you well know we have met each other in the OUTSIDE of your offices for many years. Each time I had asked you if you had passed upward(to my knowledge) the things I brought to your attention. Never once did you confirm our meetings or made a truthful reply.

    You had often taunted me with fellow SS(the type who existed some time ago) workers to get a solicitor

    Well, could you get your cohorts who did this foul deed please co-operate and give a full account of what was done by people in at the time called Walsall Social Services. The request was made by a company recommended by Children Schools and FAMILIES.
    I PARTICULARLY wish to ask you to answer this question.

    Was Garnet Grey the vindictive person a full time employee of Walsall SS at the time of his MALICIOUS prosecution of my grandson. ( In case you are in any doubt as to my question. Was he a full time QUALIFIED social worker.

    I am withholding vital evidence until I have a Court Seal.

    Just out of interest could you please tell me who was the SHYSTER lawyer that SS employed to bring this SPURIOUS case against my grandson. I am sure that you will name this INHUMANE person. Even you could NOT give a reply to the actual charges that allowed an evil person to take the case on. I have the statements from Children Schools and Families that I shall bring forward. At your request if you wish to delay further. If you wish could you please inform P. Pilkington that she is NOT aware of the implications of my escalation request for a HEARING. Ask this BUFFOON if she knows her job So that you will know other things ask Mr. M.Bird what the reply was given from his INVESTIGATIVE person SHEEHAN.
    Please co-operate and do not let this injustice fester, cause an answer soon. Court is inevitable. All will be exposed, I have the letters of guilt.
    I remain with the Justice and HUMANITY of my family, decent and upright for the duration of my marriage 52 years and each child brought up to live according the norms of society. No drugs, alcoholism, violence or crimes against the state. Remember that I had asked for an Internal case review.
    Without malice to you.
    Mr. P. Thompson Remember the Acting FOR form.

  3. After reading the above post again I have now come to realize what is the ENDEMIC PROBLEM within Walsall Childrens Services, Looked after Children etc. EACH of YOU that I have named still has the mentality of utter callousness, Paul Cooper, Gil Ross and others who I have named. HOW do you operate in your DAILY JOB. I approached EACH of you and you used every diversion so as not to see what EACH of YOU were doing to a DECENT FAMILY. WALSALL CHILDRENS SOCIAL SERVICES ON THIS DAY
    07/01/ 2014. I ACCUSE of CORRUPTION in th case of MY FAMILY. Just to inform Each of you further. YOUR LORD MAYOR OUT OF SHAME DID NOT HAVE THE DECENCY TO REPLY TO ME.

  4. phil every morning i go for a bike ride and i went past the school like i do every morning and a mom called me over to say she has concerns for my babies then 5 mins later meggie and elle turned up with foster man and u could hear them in the car screaming mom mom and when the car door opened i walk towards them cus i aint ignoring them for nothing phil and they both jumped at me and wouldnt let me go and meggie seen some bangles on wrist so she took them off and i gave them to the foster man to do the right thing and the whole of the school must of heard the babies screaming mom mom and in 2 yrs phil iv never been down the school unless i have had to put i wouldnt of bumped in to my babies if the mom had not of shoiuted me but i havent seen them since feb mate then at 10 o clock at night i get the police on me door

  5. my sons thought they was going to arrest me it was a shame and the police officers said we aint taking this no futher and i havent got an injunction on me or nothing and guess what phil i work for walsall council and they dont now yet

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