UK COPS bungle sex ring probe – no investigation for 18 months for #paedobritain leads to #childsnatchuk

It’s all ‘culture’ for centuries: see ‘perfidious Albion’ on Wikipedia. Also known as ‘stiff upper’ lip or ‘institutionalised hypocrisy’ – derived from public school teachers, methinks, who teach boys who are hurting and crying over having had to leave their families for boarding schools… Let’s see whether we can get:

Phil’s email that made me put this Blog together

I have listened to the video by Mr. John Hemming MP.  One of his sentences states”tolerated the amount of malpractice that goes on in Care proceedings in England and Wales“.

NOBODY contradicts those words.

What I am leading up to WHEN you read the following letter.

I gave all the details even that the Court Files do not exist.  SEE in the following Email how EASILY those in POWER can dismiss a genuine and FACTUAL Case.

NOTE how my ADDRESS begins.

Old Phil