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www.WriteToThem.com makes it easy to contact your elected representatives.

I wrote to Phil’s County Councillors:

Dear Mike Sharpe, Lynda Clinton and Mick Brown,

With a view to your re-election, this is to ask for your support, on behalf of your constituent Phil Thompson.

His 3 greatgrandchildren were unlawfully snatched by Walsall Council and subsequently adopted without appropriate paper work.

Phil was part of the UK Delegation who went to Brussels where I presented the petition “Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent”. Continue reading ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, please ensure ETHICS and JUSTICE in MY COUNCIL!

PHIL THOMPSON on Portuguese TV – our hope for breakthroughs thanks to FOREIGN mainstream media coverage

14 09 19 Jose and CarlaOnly 3.33 minutes – but distinctly the most salient ones:

  • an interview with Carla and Jose Pedro whose 5 children were taken by Lincoln County Council, with the 2 youngest ones ‘ordered’ to be adopted; the consent of the parents can be dispensed with ‘in the interest of the children’;
  • views of the Committee room where the public gallery was full and the petitioners between elected MEPs and members of the permanent EU Commission;
  • an interview with Phil after he and Jose were sent to the British Consulate, since the Embassy didn’t want to receive our dossier. 

Happy viewing on http://www.europarl.europa.eu/ep-live/en/committees/video?event=20140319-0900-COMMITTEE-PETI and leave a comment to suggest how to take things further!

Meanwhile check the latest news about the Portuguese Pedros who have been arrested for supposedly abducting their ‘4’ children. I wonder who couldn’t count to 5!…


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