The Accused

The letter to Walsall Legal Services below lists most of the Accused.

In addition, other letters mention:
Andrew Porter
C. Beely
A. Proctor

Mr B. Gill
Walsall Legal Services.

7 September 2010


Dear Mr. Gill,

Welcome back from your holiday.  Like St. Paul did your journey perhaps take you on the road to Damascus.  We trust that you are rested and refreshed and eager to answer our request in the case concerning our infants.

To assist you in this matter you could consult with a Mr. Sheehan who made a FULL investigation under the direction of Cllr. M. Bird.  Of course I must inform you that true to form I was not made privy to his report.  This seems very ODD to me because I have a letter from Cllr. M. Bird that he would make a full report and inform me of the result.

I am sure Mr. Sheehan will be prepared to give you a copy of his report  and his REPLY to me thus causing me to take action against Walsall Council.  Cllr. M. Bird may be more amenable in offering to give me the report from his investigator, your GOODWILL concerning this will be much appreciated.  SOCIAL SERVICE no doubt.

Another little matter that you might care to enquire about from a Gill Ross,  I have spoken to this good lady twice and asked the same question.  Who represented us at Dudley Court on the 15th July 2005.  Her STOCK answer is to ask our solicitors.  OUR RETORT is that if we knew or gave instructions, why would we ask such a question.  So we hope you can see that something is amiss.  Perhaps she will NOW give the name of that person.   It is NEVER too late for crimes to be exposed.

With Respect to your INTEGRITY and not your JOB with Walsall, remember Nuremberg.  It is how you do your job.  We all have CHOICE.

Our FAMILY decency cries out for JUSTICE.

To help you further I will now name some of the people involved in this CALUMNY.  NOT in order.

? Martin                     Did not answer
? Brown                     Ignored our PLEAS
P. Pilkington          Pilkington BULL “It has been” ask her to finish.
Garnet Grey            Was he a temporary worker?  LIAR
Ann Hughes            Darlaston Social Services – LIAR
Angela Hudson     LIAR
Curtis Griffin          CAFCASS – Children’s ‘guardian’ – emphatic LIAR.

Then the PETTY cover up persons.
S. Mcdonald.
? Galbraith.
? Harris

There are more and I have ALL their evasive letters BUT with some major flaws.  I will include that Freedom of Information requests were deliberately ignored.    Just out of interest I have many photographs of  the Bloxwich office now demolished.  From that PIGSTY they emerged to tell that others were dirty.

The more I write the more I realise how deeply our FAMILY has been injured by Walsall Social Services.  Mr. Paul Cooper can give you ALL my letters of complaint and how this cruelty should NEVER have been visited upon my FAMILY.  FIND ONE charge of ANY CRIMINAL activity within the ENTIRE FAMILY.  Show us ONE CHARGE of any kind.

Enough for now.  I have allowed you much for the defence that will bring shame to the above named.

Again we permit you to PROSECUTE  our FAMILY with any one of the above statements.  Let anyone of the NAMED people using their OWN resources or otherwise take us to CROWN COURT.

Mr. P. Thompson. Mr. P. V. Ogorman and FAMILY.

3 thoughts on “The Accused

  1. As USUAL. BUPINDER GILL who replied to my Family in the first case did NOT REPLY when further told of the CORRUPTION of persons who acted against my Family. We are here if he and the ENTIRE FORCE of Walsall MBC wish to confront us in COURT.

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