The Cover-Ups

11 05 27 FOI re radio broadcastYou can’t imagine it. Therefore you can’t believe it:

  • court files go missing
  • a radio broadcast is taken down as described in this Freedom of Information Request.

It takes LOTS of cases before you see the patterns that connect:

  1. everybody in Social Services is “just doing their job”, i.e. meet adoption targets and get “reward payments”
  2. secret family courts are used for judges to sanction what Social Services are doing
  3. the media don’t report – as child snatching is one of the seven deadly syndromes and seven media cover-ups
  4. the parents are gagged – unique in the UK
  5. the children are forcibly adopted – without the consent of the parents.

The Rule of Law is CONSTANTLY being ignored. What counts is the Rule of Money and the Physical Power of Men (Police).

Police and Court staff cover up and collude so that institutionalised child snatching aka state kidnapping can go on and on and on.

For everybody is immune from prosecution – thanks to Royal Charters.

NOBODY judges the judges, controls the controllers or guards the guards.

Exposure is our only hope.

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