SOCIAL WORKERS tore our family apart

Social workers toreWhat can Phil do? It’s his story – from long ago – with names changed.

Nobody in Walsall Council takes responsibility. Nobody is accountable.

Nobody controls the social workers.

Nobody controls the family courts.

Criminals get away with their crimes against humanity.

That’s the reality.

7 thoughts on “SOCIAL WORKERS tore our family apart

  1. Reblogged this on The same strategy across the UK, this means that this is a national strategy sanctioned at the highest level of government and cascaded down locally and delivered as training to social workers. This is not an isolated situation, it is going on in every county, city and town. Investigate Core Assets and Carter Brown associates.

  2. My daugther proof everything and frigth all the way her 3 kids but social service from beeston notts only thing in there mind to not give her kids back ¤ they now destroy this family the court order last year care order and placement order forced adoption ¤ for 2 and 4 the other one got to granparent wish not her wish only 6 forced to live with them ¤ me and my daugther had contact rigth up to oct this year but now placement team find adopter but not move out just yet ¤ the placement team now told 7 old can’t see her bother all sister never again ¤ it wrong what all happen in this case but l myself wish to get my two other grankids out there beford it to late but locial auth would not ageen as l have histroy with them it not fair ¤ it very heart brokeing to think that make thing up as go along ¤ l now move nice place l ask placement team if can have them back well no they just following what is say ¤ came to point they have no heart at all they are not acting for best inster my granchilderns at all ¤ l what them back here live with me where they would be well care for look afther and safe not put with stanger people they don’t know it not fair at all why should they have suffer this way ¤

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